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We are Staabi – the association of the students of administrative sciences in Tampere University.


Staabi ry

Staabi is the student association of administrative sciences’ students at the University of Tampere. Staabi organizes national and international tutoring, hosts a wide range of events and parties, protects students’ interests and cooperates with the Student Union (TREY) as well as the Student Organization of the Faculty of Management and Business (Johto ry).

International affairs are largely handled by our International Organizer Anna Hietaniemi (international(at) and International Tutoring Official Linda Lepistö (, who you can contact if you have further questions.


Our Values

  • Openness
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Community oriented


The Organization

Established on the 25th of October 1966, Staabi ry is a student organization founded to protect the interests of administrative sciences’ students. The name “Staabi” is derived from the German word Generalstab, meaning general staff.

Our members consist of students studying administrative sciences within the Faculty of Management and Business at Tampere University. Bachelor’s programme on administrative sciences is divided into five different branches: administrative science, public law, public finances, regional and municipal governance as well as environmental policy and regional sciences. All of these can be found as a masters programme too. In addition to these, there are three English masters programmes under administrative sciences: Masters Programme in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE), Masters Programme in Security and Safety Management (SAFER) and Leadership for Change (LFC). In 2022, LFC parted ways with Staabi and became its own organization, Complex ry.

Staabi acts as an intermediary between working life, the University, the Student Union, the Faculty and the students. Staabi guides freshers on their journey into the academic world and keeps walking by them throughout their studies.

Staabi is actively striving to cooperate with other actors, such as student organizations and companies, in order to create the best, unforgettable memories for its members.

Staabi has an office that can be found on the first floor of Pinni A on the city center campus (Kanslerinrinne 1 / Pinni A1056). All members are welcome to join us there and have a cup of (free) coffee.

Staabi is governed by a board consisting of 11 members, elected every year during Staabi ry’s mandatory fall meeting. All members of Staabi have the right to vote.


The Board



Ada Siikaluoma

Vice-Chairman and Kolmiot Manager

Ella Lavaste

Free Time, Sports and Environment Manager

Aava Luoma

Financial & Data Protection Manager

Tomi Pirinen

Project and Club Manager

Akseli Laiho

Educational Policy Manager

Tatu Heiskanen

Tutoring and Equality Manager

Magdalena Honkasalo

Communications Manager

Krista Rannikko

Events Manager 1

Hanna Pajala

Events Manager 2

Emma Jaakola

Corporate Relations and Working Life Contacts Manager, Secretary

Sofia Kitinoja

The board is supported by their respective teams as well as a group of officials.


The Officials

Kolmiot Official

Sani Tyynismaa

Art Director

Victoria Patshijew

Harassment Contact Person 1

Riikka Hämäläinen

Harassment Contact Person 2

Ville Jaara

Project Official 

Sofia Heino

Editor in Chief

Aapo Johansson

Working Life Contacts Official

Jenna Jääskeläinen

Sports Official

Antti Kumpulainen

Photography Official

Oskar Mannelin

Procurement Official

Niko Ranta

Strategy Official

Julia Malvikko

International tutoring Official

Linda Lepistö

Adult Learner Official

Samo Pohja

Anniversary Celebration Organizer

Veera Saukkonen

International Organizer

Anna Hietaniemi

Premises Manager

Miika-Samuel Rostedt

Alumni Official

Milla Uramo


Student Life In Finland

Finland is known as the land of thousand lakes. Stunning nature, freezing winters and the midnight sun. Finland has been a forerunner in technology and education with around 41% of its population pursuing a university degree. In Finland there are 14 universities and 24 universities of applied sciences.

Tampere University

Tampere University was born when the University of Tampere (est. 1925) and Tampere University of Technology (est. 1965) were fused in 2019. With around 20 000 students, it is the second largest university in Finland.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations, what are those? Student Organizations are the very base of student culture in Finland. They play an important role in organizing events, maintaining traditions, guiding new students and representing the student’s voices. Every student is automatically entitled to join a student organization, but it is not mandatory. Most student organizations take a small payment for the membership. The money will be used to support the organization’s operation. As a member of a student organization you can participate in their events, find new friends, get special bonuses and discounts, get weekly updates about important issues, events and opportunities and most importantly buy overalls. In Hervanta Campus, student organizations are called guilds.

Student Culture

Finland has a very unique and active student culture. As anywhere, parties play a big role. However, it is not just clubbing and drinking – student parties come in a lot of different shapes and forms. Sitsit – an academic table party, Appro – pub crawl and Sillis – a herring breakfast are student favorites. Staples also include Kolmiot party, the biggest monthly student party in Finland organized by Staabi, Luuppi (student organization for students of mathematics, statistics and computer sciences) and Indecs (Guild of Industrial Engineering). The very heart of all celebrations is Vappu, Labour Day. The main date is May 1st, but celebrations often begin already in early April and last for the whole month. On Labour Day, you can expect to see the city parks filled with students in their colorful overalls and white student caps. Mead and doughnuts are in season during Vappu, so make sure to fill up on those!


Student overalls are the go-to piece of clothing at any student party or event. Every student organization has different overalls, meaning that the color of your overalls tells what you’re studying. Your overalls are meant to tell your story, so you can customize them however you’d like. Overall badges are the most common decoration, you can either buy or gain them from events. Most people hang toys, fake flowers or plastic cups on their overalls. You can also switch parts of your overalls with friends or family to create an even more unique look. Traditionally the sleeve of the pants is reserved for significant others.


Key Terms – A Short Dictionary


The Student Union. Consists of a democratically elected council with 49 representatives, a board with 10 members, several permanent employees and their stakeholders.

Johto ry

Is the umbrella organization for the student organizations within the Faculty of Management and Business. This includes Staabi (administrative sciences), Boomi (business studies), Iltakoulu (political science), Man@ger (information and knowledge management), Indecs (industrial engineering and management) and Complex (Leadership for Change).

Is the app where all transactions related to student life take place. Here you can find the membership fee of your student organization, overalls and tickets to all events.


Peak of the academic year. May Day celebrations that last for a whole month.


A glorified pub crawl. Biggest Appro is Hämeenkadun Appro, which is organized once a year by Boomi ry. The concept has been applied to non-alcoholic parties too, with concepts such as NamiAppro, where instead of bars, your aim is to visit cafes.


An academic table party, features food, singing and games.


Herring breakfast – breakfast in the morning following a big party. Typical menu includes common hangover foods and herring.


The biggest monthly student party in Finland.


An international student party organized by ESN FINTO.


Means determination, persistence and perseverance in Finnish. The university’s online platform, notoriously hard to use.


Contact Information

You can find us on Tampere University city center campus and contact the board of our student organization with the information below:

Email: / staabi-hallitus(at)

Instagram: @staabiry

Facebook: @StaabiRy



Kanslerinrinne 1 / Pinni A1056, 33100 Tampere

Open Mon-Thu 10–16 and on Fridays 12-15 (during the academic year)